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likeitalics said: thanks for running this blog, it's bringing back some memories! in your screencapping, have you come across a scene in which the simpsons are in a car, trying turn onto a busy street. one person says something like, "don't worry, one of these kind citizens will let us through" -- then it cuts to hours later and they're still waiting. i know you don't generally post asks, but if you know the answer, plz pm me because it's driving me crazy. i've aggressively googled to no avail. thx much.

Are you thinking of Principal Skinner when he takes over for Otto in The Otto Show?


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“This leash demeans us both.”


“This leash demeans us both.”

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I’m a big loser. Check out my other tumblr if you’re from Ontario and/or you love/hate beer.

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